26 is almost 30, right?  At least that’s what I told Cassie when we celebrated her twenty-sixth birthday.  And, much like me, she likes to have a few days of celebration so on night one we went to two of the swankiest bars in Paris – Le Valgirard and Hotel Costes.

Le Valgirard is the student bar.  It is right down the street from school, actually reserved on friday nights for LCB students, and home to the 4 euro draft (yes, beers are really expensive in Paris).  Everyday after class whether you end at 11:30AM or 9:30PM you are sure to find a group of students hanging out at the bar and if your lucky, a chef or two. 🙂 Cassie and Ele were at school ALL day on Cassie’s birthday – what better way to spend your birthday than to be at LCB from 8AM-9:30PM – so I convinced Cassie and Ele to stop by their favorite place before heading home to get ready for Hotel Costes.  I think this might have actually been their first time at the student bar, but don’t worry, the guest appearances by a few chefs and translators really moved it up on their top ten list.

Ben – our British translator & food and wine connosour

After a drink at the student bar we put on our finest and headed to Hotel Costes, an actual swanky bar, on Rue Saint Honore. In celebration of Cassie’s birthday we had some delicious cocktails:

Then we took a few model shots to really fit into the swanky vibe.

The next day we continued the birthday celebration with a scavenger hunt in the sixth. The tricky clues led us around to some of the hot spots around my neighborhood.  Fortunately Ele and I were there to help Cassie with the clues 🙂

Week One: Poilane a famous boulangerie with amazing sourdough bread

Week Two: Lauduree home to the most amazing macarons, if you are ever in Paris you NEED to try the vanilla and salted caramel – PURE BLISS

Week Three: Nicolas for a little vino vino

Week Four: Carrefour, not as exciting, just a supermarket to get some charcuterie, snacks, champagne…

Week Five: Da Rosa this cute little wine bar down the street from my apartment which has amazing charcuterie, cheese, and wine.

Week Six: CANDY CART! I mean what better way to end a scavenger hunt than with some Haribo

Then back to my place to ENJOY!!!

Happy Birthday, Cassie!