I have a problem.

Every restaurant I have been to in Paris has become my FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN PARIS. I always leave saying “I NEED to bring Natalie here because she will love the ambiance,” “I need to take my friends who are coworkers here because it reminds me of this place we used to go to all the time,” or “When Lipton comes I will take her here because they don’t serve meat, or cheese, or red wine…” (haha jk Lip, love you).  But I really DO NEED to take Rachael Dean to Relais de l’Entrecote because they have the BEST steak frites!

This restaurant is amazing. They don’t take reservations and they don’t serve anything but steak frites.  The menu is pre-fix and it includes a delicious salad to start and two servings of steak frites with their famous sauce.  No, they won’t tell you what is in the sauce; trust me, we asked. They have a limited, but inexpensive wine list (score!) and a few desserts.  The service is friendly and efficient – they bring your salads out with your wine, ask how you want your steak cooked, and bring the steak and plate of fries over as soon as you are done with your salad.  Then they come back with round 2 of steak frites. You don’t need another plate. You try to decline, but they won’t let you, so you tell yourself – OK, just one slice. Next thing you know you look down, your plate is empty, and you’re hoping your waitress thought you just finished round 1.

Cassie, Ele, and I went last Saturday.  We met there around 7:45 which was the perfect time because the line outside wasn’t too long and they were just starting to turn the tables for the second seating. (The restaurant opens at 7 so people start lining up outside at 6:30 to get a table!)  We only had to wait outside for about 15 minutes and the line kept getting longer and longer, we made it just in time.  Our food was fabulous (as was the company) and I can’t wait to go back. 

Although, I do have a few disclaimers. Don’t go here if you want to enjoy a leisurely meal and sit and chat the night away at your table. This is a get-in-get-out type of place.  Also, it is now a chain. A CHAIN! I know, I KNOW. I hate chains, but chains in Paris don’t feel as chainy as Boston chains.  Plus, it was new to me.  So there… yeah… I actually think they have even expanded to New York, blegh.  But, I hear the New York chain isn’t as good, so try the one down the street from my apartment in Paris, first! 🙂