After spending two weeks in Paris, I’ve started to get a feel for the Parisian way of life and I must say – I love it!  However, there are a few things from the United States I’ve yet to find in my new European home, but the Parisian specialties definitely make up for it.

Things which have yet to make their way to Paris:

1. Nail Salons – In Boston you can’t go two blocks without stumbling across a store offering you a mani/pedi for $30, I think I have seen one since I’ve been in Paris.  However, since I can’t wear vernis a ongles, the lack of nails salons is probably a good as they would just be too tempting.

2. Gyms – Yes, it’s true, gyms are nowhere to be found.  There may be one a few blocks away which looks like a 1950s YMCA, but I’m still not sure if it is actually a gym.  Hopefully my walk to school will make up for the baguettes, vin, fromage, and endless amounts of pastries my friends in the patisserie classes are always trying to unload on me. Hopefully…

3. Yoga Studios – Along with gyms, Parisians don’t seem to be an invested in their zen as Bostonians.  Heck, I can’t even find somewhere to buy a yoga mat.

4. Salad – No, not just salad lunch places, but salads ANYWHERE on a menu in Paris.  I have maybe seen one or two places which offer a caesar salad starter, but they must be the touristy places looking to appease Americans who want some greens.  I think the French substitute to vegetables is foie gras, or cheese, or maybe bread.

5. Hand Dryers – Restaurants, museums, even my school in Paris have yet to discover the glory of the Dyson Airblade hand dryer (or paper towels).  Instead, Paris bathrooms are equipped with a dryer which can only be compared to the force of air used when blowing out candles.

(however, i think the amazing toilet decor in this particular restaurant makes up for the hand dryer)

6. Efficiency – Whether it be walking on the street, service in a restaurant, or organization at school, speed and efficiency are not a top Parisian priority.  Maybe it will make me a “chiller” person to start adapting to this lifestyle, but for right not it’s just making me annoyed.

However, Paris makes up for all of these vacancies with the following:

1. Bread – If you have ever been aggrivated by a Parsian complaining about how bread in America is just sub-par, stop.  The bread in France is seriously 100 times better than the best bread I’ve had in America.  It is dangereux.

2. Wine – No matter what time it is you can find someone sipping on a little vino, and I don’t hate it.  Especially since Sancerre, my favorite white wine, is CHEAP here! What up!  I don’t really know any of the reds since shockingly they don’t have Malbecs or Cabs polluting the menus, but in time I’m sure I’ll figure it out. 🙂

3. Fromage – See Bread.  Best. Cheese. Ever. It’s probably not a good thing that I eat it every day. With bread. And wine.  Too bad there aren’t any gyms here…

4. Haribo – Anyone who knows me knows I love Haribo, this German candy company which makes the best gummy bears ever.  Not only do they stock up the supermarket aisles with them in Paris (and have every variety you could image), they also have candy carts.  That’s right, carts on the street where you can fill up bags of this delicious treat.  Yes, they sell Haribo in “the States,” but they aren’t as good there, trust me.

(The amazing candy cart. So tempting. So close to my apartment.)

 – Note how the top 4 are all food related? –

5. Style – Sorry to all of my stylish Bostonians, but the style in Boston pales in comparison to the splendor of European dress.  Layers, leather, boots, hats, tights … the sales started today, I’m scared for my bank account

6. Scenery – Paris is absolutely beautiful.  The old buildings, the public gardens, the Seine, I could go on and on, but everyday I am in awe of the city I am living in.  And I can’t wait to continue to explore it!